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One-piece full grain cowhide leather suit with perforations, aluminum shoulder plates and aerodynamic hump designed to hold a waterbag kit. The Leatheraw racing icon.

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The iconic racing leather suit, the essence of Leatheraw. Laguna Seca 5 is the latest evolution of the legendary Dainese one-piece suit, made entirely from premium full grain cowhide leather, ready to face any challenge on the track with the confidence of champions. Its structure was conceived to give maximum freedom of movement on the saddle. Its superior ergonomics ensure the highest level of safety: exclusive Dainese Tri-Axial system on the back and three-way stretch leather inserts allow for perfect mobility while guaranteeing the same level of abrasion resistance as the other leather layers. Inserts in XF Arrow, the cutting-edge Dainese material blending great elasticity and wearability with the resistance of leather, for enhanced mobility. Safety is guaranteed by protectors in composite material on elbows and knees, soft Pro-Shape 2.0 protectors on the hips, and by the exclusive construction of the floating shoulder with replaceable and customizable composite protectors and aluminium plates. The metal shoulder plates – a Leatheraw hallmark and exclusive patent – help the rider to slide in the event of a fall and reduce the risk of dangerous rolling. This is a crucial difference from plastic materials, which wear out faster through abrasion as they have greater grip on the asphalt. The revolutionary D-Tec Racing Core interior, easily detachable and washable, guarantees a new level of breathability and comfort, with perforation placed in the most strategic areas of the suit offering optimal ventilation during sessions held even during the hottest days. This suit is ready to compete. The RSS 3.0 system features wide dual compound sliders, firmly secured to the suit yet quickly replaceable. The aerodynamic hump is built to hold a water bag kit, so that the integrated water system developed for all motorcycle GP suits can be fitted. This system is connected to a compatible helmet, allowing professional riders to effortlessly drink during any stage of the competition and guaranteeing perfect hydration throughout the race. For even more accurate motorcycle handling, the inner sides of the knees are fitted with the innovative KGI system, special inserts ensuring the most secure grip to tackle even the most extreme bends in total safety.

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